Meet our Corporate Team

Ron Howell
Ron Howell, President, CEO

With over 30 years of diversified leadership experience, Ron Howell is Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Xooma Worldwide with its global headquarters in Hampton, Virginia.

Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Management from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the Sellinger School of Business and Management at Loyola College, Ron is highly regarded as a foremost authority in Business and Marketing.

Ron served in the U.S. Marine Corps and is currently a keynote speaker, philanthropist and global connector with hundreds of thousands of people across 5 continents. He has distinguished himself in various businesses and held executive positions in various industries including real estate, distribution, national and international sales, wholesale and retail marketing, financial services and has also held Senior VP, President and CEO positions in national and international direct selling companies.

Ron's ongoing commitment to make a positive and lasting difference in people's lives resulted in a mission to Change the Health of a Generation both physically and financially. Watching his own life change from what he wanted, needed or had to have (monetary success) to his purpose, passion and legacy (lasting significance) serves as his personal quest to help others pursue and accomplish more in their personal lives no matter what age, skill or background.

Zack Howell
Zack Howell, Chief Operations Officer

Prior to joining Xooma's Executive Team, Zack spent four years working in various sales, marketing, and information technology management roles at corporate giant, Black & Decker.

Zack oversaw many high impact projects for the DEWALT brand of Black & Decker products including the launch of and, which combined had memberships of over 1 million customers and were responsible for generating nearly 15 million dollars in annual sales for the company. He also he spearheaded the Customer Service / Mail Order and e-Business departments of Black & Decker's Product Service Division.

As one of the founding members of the Xooma Executive Team, Zack has played an integral role in the development of the company's overall growth and expansion strategies. Strong ability to improve day-to-day operations through the use of technology, targeted marketing campaigns, and change management processes are core components of Zack's expertise and business acumen. From the design and implementation of Xooma's industry leading prosperity plan, creation of a world-class internet and social marketing presence, and to the launch of category creator products such as FocusUP and Xooma Blast, Zack's fingerprints are on every aspect of the Xooma Experience.

Zack received his Bachelor of Science degree from Towson University's College of Business and Economics, majoring in Business Administration. He has also served on Towson University's e-Business Advisory Board with some of the top business leadership in the Baltimore, MD area. Zack is married to his high school sweetheart, Alison and together they are enjoying the continuing and rewarding life-education that they receive daily through their three children.

Ken Marsh  
Ken R. Marsh, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Ken has been recognized as a leading speaker and trainer in both the corporate and Direct Selling industry. With over 22 years of sales and marketing experience in various industries, Ken brings a host of talents to the Xooma Executive Team. Having worked as a top-level manager within the prestigious Nightingale-Conant Corporation, Ken's passion for empowering people inspired him to create audio programs and educational seminars for growth-minded business owners.

Prior to joining the Xooma Executive Team, Ken served as the President of a well-established company which specialized in developing successful marketing, training, and business expansion systems for thousands of home-based business owners. Ken holds a Degree in Marketing from Moraine Valley College and invests over 100 hours annually to his own personal development in the areas of communication, marketing, and nutritional research.

Ken is originally from Chicago and married to his high school sweetheart. In addition to his role in Xooma, Ken is a fan and owner of classic & performance cars and loves to seek out new adventures wherever he travels in the world.

Gus Zader
Gus Zader, Chief Technical Officer

Gus Zader brings over 20 years of technology and communications experience to Xooma. Prior to joining Xooma's Executive Team, Gus served as the Vice President of Web Development for Growzone, Inc. - a provider to the green industry for both businesses and consumers. His work with Growzone was recognized by Dun and Bradstreet as one of the Top 201 "Business to Business" Exchanges for 2001.

For many years Gus was the Chief Technical Officer and co-owner of WyomingNetwork, Inc. - a community based portal system for the state of Wyoming. Under his tenure, WyomingNetwork served over 100,000 Internet users daily and garnered national and international media attention for their accomplishments.

Today Gus is responsible for and oversees the entire programming and technology components that run Xooma's day-to-day operations

Terry Poplawski
Terry Poplawski, Customer Services Manager

Terry Poplawski has 30+ years in Customer Service and Executive Management. She began working for McDonald's at an early age as a french fry cook. Over the next 26 years with McDonald's, she rose in rank to executive management. For the last 10 years of her time with McDonald's, Terry worked as a consultant with private franchise owners. She was responsible for opening 18 additional locations in Virginia. When the McDonald's corporate office closed in Virginia, Terry chose to stay with her family who were all located in Hampton Roads.

Terry directly attributes the skill sets she built through years of hard work with McDonald's to helping other companies create success. One example was helping a company she worked for grow from $700,000 in annual revenues to over $1,300,000 annually in under 16 months.

The reason for Terry's success and love of Customer Service is due to her Golden Rule. She believes if you take care of people who work for you, they will take care of the customer. Terry has been an enormous asset to Xooma and our Members as Customer Service Manager.


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