Earning money can be as easy as 1-2-3.

Your First Goal:  Get Your Product for “FREE”

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably fall in love with the taste and the way you feel when you drink FocusUP. Like us, you’ll probably crave FocusUP on a daily basis and be reaching for 1-2 bottles per day. And that’s good. Not only for your health…but also for earning money.

Your main goal is to use, sample or sell just $100 per month of FocusUP (and/or other Xooma products). Then, simply help 4 other people become Members who are also using/or selling a minimum of $100 in Xooma products each month.  As shown in the chart below, those 4 'personally sponsored' and qualified Members qualify you for an $80 monthly bonus on top of other commissions.

As a result, most people earn at least $100 per month with just 4 Members in their team.  It's like getting your personal product order for FREE every month.  

Your Second Goal:  Earn $450 - $500 per month

Simply help those 4 personally sponsored Members duplicate your efforts.  Once you have 16 qualified Members on the second level in your team (sponsorship organization), you'll earn a $320 bonus over and above all your other commissions.  At this point you'll have 20 active Members in your Xooma organization and can earn at least $450 or more each month from just this small amount of effort!

Not only does that pay for your personal products, you’ve got some extra money to have fun with all that extra energy you’ve got from drinking FocusUP!

The Next Step: Unlimited Income Potential

With Xooma’s Prosperity Plan, you have virtually unlimited income potential. The more your team grows and the more your sales grow, the more income you can make.

How much will you make? It’s up to you.

Whether you’re looking to earn a few hundred dollars extra per month or tens of thousands of dollars per month, you can do it through Xooma Worldwide. In fact, you can even be driving a “free car” (up to $750 per month) through our plan. For details on all the available income streams in Xooma’s exciting Prosperity Plan, click the link below.

Click Here to download the Prosperity Plan

Click Here to download the Income Examples

NOTE: A monthly order of at least $25 is required to be eligible to earn money through Xooma’s Prosperity Plan.

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